Select from a variety of widgets to add to your site and start capturing leads. Once a lead is captured, the conversation never stops. Works perfectly on mobile!
Widgets to get more Messenger customers!
Messenger customers have real identities and the conversation continues even after they leave your site.
Lead Generation Chat
Effectively converts website visitors to your messenger leads using a chat widget.
Messenger Button
A Messenger button is attached to each widget to easily perform the conversion.
Slide-in Popup
The slide-in is a subtle pop-up that displays to your visitors without disturbing their browsing experience.
Exit-intent Popup
Prompt your visitors before they exit and make sure that they still register for your service.
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We’ve increased the number of inquiries by 3x since using Facebook Messenger and Modern.
Craig Gruzd (DT Floral & Décor)
Founder and CEO
Social is the future of selling. We close more customers, have a high response rate, and use Modern to convert and keep track of every lead.
Peter Kvitlesky (Philmor Group)
Ever since we've implemented Modern and their auto templates, our customer response and engagement increased by over 200%.
Melissa Berkovich (Ink Agency)
Head of Marketing

Edit titles, descriptions and buttons. Create the perfect sales pitch.

Modify to colors that match your website and overall theme.

Define the widget position to find the perfect spot based on your content.

Specify the delay or scroll before the widget appears.